Monday, February 11, 2008

office hours

What does every young boy really really want? Razor scooter? Video gaming system? Tickets to a baseball game? No, it turns out they really want a 6' molded plastic table.

2 nights ago we purchased such a table and set it up in the playroom. On it we set up all of the arts/crafts/messy/shiny type stuff that normally resides on and around the kitchen table. When the boys woke up, I introduced them to their new OFFICE. And I haven't seen them since. They do come out to present me with chunky bracelets made of pipe cleaners and foam beads. I have noticed a number of signs on the door of their office proclaiming which "cool friends" are allowed in, describing the number and type of booby traps that surround their lab (it's an office and a lab now), and requiring a passcode before entering. The best part is no screens (TV, computer) of any kind are involved in their office work. Wonder what the water cooler conversation is like. I'll ask them if they ever come out again.


Lindsay said...

ha! I love the idea of your boys as little executives taking meetings and the like. next thing you know they'll be merging with you and evan

Patty O. said...

How cool. It's great to know that the simple toys (bead, crafts, big cardboard boxes) are still enough to entice the children of this generation. My kids have been having a ball with what Danny has dubbed the "giant red polka dot" (the cushion cover you gave me which I have filled full with foam). It is a huge hit here and they just do all kinds of funny, weird things with it. Thanks for that again!