Saturday, March 17, 2007

the children's gate

Ooh, I'm afraid the image there isn't looking very clear; sorry. I just have to recommend this book. I've enjoyed Adam Gopnik's work from time to time in the New Yorker (including a great essay about Lewis Carroll about 12 years ago).
This book chronicles his family's move to New York after living in Paris for several years. I've never been to New York but still managed to adore nearly every page of this book. It explores many themes, but my favorite is Gopnik's beautiful way of capturing the way kids think. There are several chapters that chronicle the appearance and evolution of the author's daughter's imaginary friend, who goes by Charlie Ravioli. Charlie, like most people in New York I imagine, is too busy to play, and Gopnik's daughter reports that she is only able to "grab coffee with him" or catch him on his cell. Eventually she creates an imaginary assistant through which she tries to schedule play dates. The whole story is unbelievably funny, and the book is a happy read.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

beanbag extravaganza!

I promised the boys a beanbag toss game if they played nicely together while I cooked...little did I know what a festival of dishes awaited me! We had about 30 bowls lined up throughout the living room and "library" (2 chairs and a bookshelf), and--look closely--we even had a bonus round.