Friday, July 14, 2006


I was horrified to hear this news when I returned from our trip: 5 U.S. soldiers accused of raping and murdering Iraqi children. Honestly, as if the creaky evidence Bush used to facilitate our initiation of this war, the poor planning of the post-war phase and apparent lack of an exit strategy, not to mention the embarrassment that is Guantanamo and was Abu Gharaib were not enough, now we have soldiers raping and murdering the most innocent of civilians--the very civilians we are there to "liberate."

above-ground Titanic

We returned from our super-bon-bon-long trip around the East/Midwest and are safely back in suburbia. We spent the better part of one day in Detroit, visiting Evan's old house, school, and neighborhood. Saw a drug deal, a prostitute, and many beautiful old abandoned buildings. Evan told me about some sites maintained by "urban spelunkers" who explore abandoned hotels, apartment buildings, train stations, etc. Detroit must be a mecca for these folks because it seems about 50% abandoned, even (especially) downtown. The above image comes from forgotten detroit .
It's eerie and sad to view these photos and think about the decay of some American cities.