Thursday, May 17, 2007

this is so much fun

After an arduous 1-hour session of setting up some new software, I looked around for some virtual mind-candy and found this sign generator. You can add text to all kinds of stuff, from pictures of cakes to the Vegas sign to the London Underground sign. There are lots of fun tools for kids and grownups alike on the site. Check it out! (The link there is to the Big Boy marquee sign, but scroll down for more.)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

my kind of cooking

I found an article at (click here) which I love. Here's why: I have a friend who is an excellent cook, who grew up eating food prepared by excellent cooks (her parents), and she once imparted a bit of wisdom to me, which was, basically, you don't need a lot of crazy geegaws to make wonderful stuff. As a person who has collected a number of crazy kitchen geegaws over the years, I'm gearing up for a major kitchen cleanout. (The remnants of the late 90s candle craze were dumped over the weekend; the kitchen's next). This article gives me the freedom to not feel like a loser cook if I use a plate as a pot lid or a splatter screen as a colander.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Super Q ROCKS!

I'm happy to report that at the ripe old age of 4, Super Q has a theme song... a rockin' theme song. You can hear it here; the link's on a site devoted to an actor who was on the old Scholastic Animorphs series, a series I knew nothing about until I found some ancient VHS copy of it at the library. It's now considered way awesome at our house. But here's the best part: remember taping your favorite song off the radio using a tape recorder and having to be super quiet while you did it? I didn't think it would be anywhere online, so Super Q and I sat down and taped it off the TV. Then Q had a great time listening to it over and over again for (no joke) about 2 hours. It's now part of the musical canon of "boy songs" suitable for soundtracks to superhero and secret agent living room battles. Yeah!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

what the?

In preparation for the big TRIP I got a Hepatitis A shot today. And my arm is so very, very sore. Anyway, I sat down to write/whine about it and desired a picture of Hepatitis A cells or something when I came across this oddity: it's the Hepatitis virus in stuffed animal form! It can be purchased from, where you will also find cute n' cuddly versions of black death, ebola, algae, dust mites, mange, rabies, and more! I've been trying to think of an occasion for which a soft stuffed syphilis doll is appropriate. Is it meant to soothe the pain of a diagnosis? Some kind of gag gift you bring to a pathology conference? Man, the internet is bizarre sometimes.