Thursday, April 14, 2011

breaking down

So we had an incredibly fabulous spring break in AZ.  Checked out our new town, swam in some pretty cold water, ate out more than we have for months, soaked up the sun and extended family love.

Returned to a very long to-do list, including some tasks that require some skills I do not yet possess (reinstall an earlier version of Windows, drill a 3/4" hole through metal, stand on a ladder on STAIRS to paint a super-tall wall, determine the cause of an unnerving clanking sound in garage door).  The to-do list keeps growing because everything keeps breaking around here (sliding glass door, computer, hot water heater, car, aforementioned garage door).  Actually some of these things have been broken for awhile but we've ignored them because our house was not about to (deep breath) be put on the market in MICHIGAN.

Meanwhile the 8 year old is seriously missing his dad.  Spontaneously sobbing.  Doesn't want to go to school.  Doesn't want to eat sometimes.

Meanwhile the 11 year old is turning into a 13 year old (!).  Extremely fond of talking back VERY LOUDLY.

Meanwhile I'm trying to hold it together. Mostly succeeding (with one now-famous slip in which I uttered the s-word (shut up)).  Looking forward to normal life again.