Friday, November 17, 2006

Flash and Super Q heart Jimmy Eat World

Oh, dear, I think I've started a problem here. My boys, both younger than 8, are turning into fans of "rock songs". The other night they were SO loud and SO argumentative in the back of the car (which car, you ask? see below... VW wagon, name of Chaz, once beloved by me, now a source of pain every time I remember the c*r*a*s*h ... also mentioned below) ...anyway, I finally said, "OK, if you'll be quiet, you can listen to ROCK MUSIC! (Cheers). I put on a mix CD from a friend. "The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World came on, and, well... my boys are now huge fans of skate rock or however you'd categorize it. And now they sing the song all day long. I don't mind too much; it has a Nice Message and all. Better than "My Humps" or something. It's oft requested in the car and we turn it up loud and dance and play instruments. Flash is on electric guitar and he put Super Q on "the other guitar." As usual, I'm relegated to keyboards. Geez.