Wednesday, February 06, 2008


So SuperTuesday wasn't actually that super. Kind of normal around here. Bit of church service in the morning, play dates for the boys in the afternoon, migraine after dinner, quasi-nap on the couch while the kids watched "Over the Hedge," and then The Colbert Report with Wheat Thins before bed. No biggie. Oh, right, and the Republicans seem to have their candidate.

I've always liked McCain, and not just because I'm from Arizona. He's not the waffle-proof guy I thought he was, but I think he would make a good president. Despite what the Romney campaign's database seems to think, I'm not a registered Republican. (They keep calling and when I break the news that I'm not a Republican, the response is always, always, "You're NOT?" To which I respond, "No, so how did you get my number?" Click.) Anyway, I'm sure Romney's a great guy, but watching him debate/interact with people and reading about him always leaves me with a taste in my mouth similar to that of finishing off a Twinkie. It was sweet, slick, and tasted good but not really that good for me. I'm just not sold on Romney, I guess. At least McCain has years of voting records to show his true colors. With Romney, we're looking at past quotes and contributions, and I'm just not sure what his real beliefs and agenda are. I will admit the corporate ties give me pause as well.


Lindsay said...

yay my blogga's back!

what has really surprised me in the Democratic race is Hillary's success. I would think that the Dems would be more hesitant to go with her because she's going to be so easy to beat. So many Republicans despise her and she's so polarizing that a lot of Democrats hate her too!

I think the Republicans are secretly hoping she'll snag the nomination so they won't lose any moderates to Obama.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Lindsay. I was thinking today that although I disagree with Obama on some issues, I would much prefer him to Hillary. I am not all that surprised with McCain's victory either. I really didn't think Romney would get past the primaries. now I need to go do a bunch of research on Obama and McCain (the only 2 I could see myself, at this point, voting for...)

Kristi said...

How weird, shortly after reading your post, I got a call from Obama's people reminding me to "caucus" on Saturday. And I'm not a Democrat.

prism said...

I was going to comment on politics, but I always get myself in trouble that way, so I guess I won't.