Wednesday, February 20, 2013

my hiatus

So I have neglected this blog for many months. I had a few legitimate reasons.  Exhibit A:  nearly full-time job as an assistant high school librarian.  I really loved, REALLY loved that job, but, sadly, it didn't pay well enough for me to stay there and afford day care for Exhibit B: 

Tiny Woman!  Born on November 15, 2012. A wonderful little baby. We're having so much fun together... At all hours of the day and night. My favorite moments with her are bathtime, tummy time (love the pencil neck look of little babies as they try to hold up their enormous noggins), and the exquisitely funny look on her face when I try to feed her and she's not particularly hungry.  Something like, "Oh, really, no! I just couldn't eat another bite!"

After 13 solid years in LegoNerfMinecraftHotWheelsSkateboard Land I finally have someone to watch Downton with! She doesn't really seem to care much about the social structure of England during WWI but she'll learn, she'll learn.