Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Yeah, but do I have to SAY it?

In the past few weeks I've had 2 separate situations where I tripped over my words... not just tripped but actually exploded with laughter in the middle of saying them. I just can't say absurd phrases without totally losing it. The first was in the drive-thru line at Wendy's. My sister wanted me to order something called a "Baconator" for her husband. (p.s. she didn't really know what a Baconator was, nor had he requested this, but she knew he would LOVE it, apparently because of the bacon factor). I could not get the word "Baconator" out of my mouth and could not stop laughing. The poor man at the window must have thought we had just come from Happy Hour and shouldn't even be driving, much less ordering, irresponsibly. We were weeping by the end of it.

Then I had to call a lawn service for my neighbor (long story). The service is called "Git-er-done Lawn Care" (only in Texas), and wouldn't you know it, the guy answers the phone with a simple "Hello," which means I had to ask, "Er, is this... (peals of laughter) um... (hysterics at this point) Git-er-done?" I don't know what he thought at that point, but he was nice and answered my question anyway.

I'm doomed when it comes to restaurants such as Taco Bell or even Denny's. There's always something that looks good but I cringe at the thought of actually ordering it ("Moons Over My Hammy, " anyone)?


Meredith said...

That reminds me of the "Meatnormous" at Burger King.

Patty O. said...

what about my favorite: the rooty tooty fresh and fruity breakfast? I mean, can you see anyone actually ordering that without laughing?

I always used to have problems with the Biggie sizes at Wendy's. I would just say Large, because I knew I would laugh and not stop if forced to say "Biggie."

pianogal said...

Hey, half the fun of ordering "Moons Over My Hammy" is saying it! But I just can't make myself say (or eat) "Biggie Size" at Wendy's.

Kris McCracken said...

I struggle with things like 'Caribbean Crush' myself, too corny.