Saturday, December 02, 2006

wait, am I embracing the 80s now?

Not 24 hours since my last " I just can't get on board with this 80s revival" proclamation (made while perusing racks and racks and racks of long stretchy sweaters with cinch belts at the waist) I have to semi-retract my statement. Why? Because of these people: Grand National. I'm no good at describing or categorizing music; I remember reading about bands with a "garage sound" or "jangly guitars" or whatever, but I could never be that precise. ANYWAY, I'm in love with this band Grand National and, much to my surprise, everything I read about them puts them in the retro-80s category. I guess I'm returning to my oversized tunic-teased bangs roots, as it were. All the same, I recommend them heartily, esp. a song called "Talk Amongst Yourselves". You'll have to, uh, buy the mp3 because I guess the cd is only an import now.

I really wanted to post a picture but, wow, there are so many incredible 80s pictures out there. Just Google Image Search "lisa lisa cult jam" (the "and" operator is unnecessary, don'tcha know) and enjoy the bounty there, including a photo of CHARO!


Yesterday dh told me about this gift card scam . Add it to the list of nefarious ways that screwed-up people are trying to take advantage of others. It made me so angry as I thought about it today while driving in ugly nighttime traffic(on the way home from Taco Bell, of all places. That's a recipe for angst, is it not?)

A thought I've often had returned to my mind: despite nefarious plots, selfish motives, and simple disregard for others, we trust each other out of necessity. Every time we go through a green light, we trust the other drivers to stop on the red light. Despite the many random shootings that occur practically daily, we move around in our world; working, going to school, going to the ATM at midnight. I know, what are we going to do, live like hermits? Yet the idea of that tacit collective agreement is touching, somehow. Despite the differences between us, we can trust each other a little.