Thursday, October 23, 2008

we're RICH!

We switched banks recently, having fully given in to the emotional panic that we are supposed to not give in to. In retrospect, we could have stayed on and not switched banks and thus avoided lots of hassle, but we did it anyway. I had just ordered 2 boxes of checks from the old place, though, so we sat down and played bank. I showed the boys how to fill out a check and gave them some credit card offers to fill out and pretend like they were paying bills or something. So here's the adorable part: the boys started writing checks for enormous sums to each other and to me. Billions of dollars. Then Super Q wrote me a check with two hearts in the "amount" box. That's why I'm happy to be a mom.

(And yes, dh, if you are reading this, everything was shredded in the end.)


Kristi said...

So sweet!

chiemama said...

That is such a cute idea! You are such a great mom!! Super Q, Aunt C wants one of those enormous checks with hearts :)

Patty O. said...

That is so great. As much as I am about to sound like a Hallmark card, those are the moments that really make up for the lack of a paycheck (or other forms of validation that you might get in the workforce). That is so cute. As my aunt Shirley would say, "It warms my heart."