Friday, October 10, 2008

happy candyfest!

Tomorrow is our annual non-threatening innocuously-titled "Fall Festival" at church. Guess who's in charge of 80% of it? The Queen of Halloween Ambivalence: me.

I must admit I loved Halloween when I was little. But that was when the foci of my life included rollerskating in the driveway, sewing makeshifty crop-pants with my mom, and CANDY. Even then I was partial to quality chocolate products (although the criteria there has changed somewhat) and not a fan of black licorice.

I do love autumn (all 3 days of it here in Houston). I'm all about Dinner-in-a-pumpkin. I love sweaters and wooly tights and apple cider. And don't get me started on leaves. The main colors in my house are dark red, orange, gold, and green.

I'm just not really on board with Halloween. We do the obligatory 10 houses of trick or treating and then come home for our sort-of default Halloween tradition: watching Nova videos. Right, I know. Nerdtacular. Side note, here: Flash told me his teacher asked everyone what the smallest unit of matter in the universe was. The class says, "Atoms!" Flash says, "The strings in string theory!" Watch out, Brian Greene. Anyway, so we come home and eat junky stuff and watch PBS. That's how we mark this holiday. I also have some decorations that were given to me a few years ago. The kids have fun putting them up. So back to the point...I'm in charge of making sure about 100 kids have a great time celebrating Fall tomorrow without reference to monsters, evil, etc. There will be nachos, leaf-rubbing, and lots and lots of candy. I think that meets all requirements.


prism said...

Halloween hasn't really been a favorite of my adult life either, although I love to make costumes and dress-up. And, lately, I've come to appreciate it a little better as the ONE holiday during the year when the whole neighborhood gets out and about with smiles all around.

I don't love the "scary" stuff so much, but I kind of dig the friendly neighborhood feeling. :-)

Kristi said...

Dinner in a pumpkin- I always love the idea of this- but it never quite works out for me- the pumpkin collapses, etc. I did see however, a small pie pumpkin with pumpkin soup in it- I might try that this year.

Good luck with your fall festival- the nachos sound yummy!

Patty O. said...

I hope your fall party went well. How is it that you get put in charge. Isn't that what the activities committee is for? Our committee tried to get us to be in charge of games for the Pioneer Day picnic and I totally vetoed that. Isn't it enough that we have to put on 4 activities a year and keep the kids busy EVERY Sunday? OKay, obviously I have a very bad attitude.....Sorry. will go repent.