Friday, October 03, 2008

creepy fake baby: the sequel

Oh, man. Remember these creepy life-like dolls? Well, they are still haunting me, this time in documentary form. Who is being documented? Women who buy these dolls (they start at $1,000) and play with them as if they were real. You can watch a clip here.


prism said...

yikes. That IS creepy.

Anonymous said...

This is funny, because my mom brought some magazines when she visited and one of the ads was for a lifelike doll. Of a chimpanzee. The thing was SCARY. And it is just in time for Halloween. Seriously, this chimp doll creeped me out!

beckbot said...

A lifelike chimpanzee DOLL? I'm trying to figure out what one does with such a thing. In my family we would devise different ways to alter/torture it. But we're not really a normal family when it comes to stuffed animals.