Sunday, February 20, 2011


Below is a by-no-means comprehensive list of overrated things.  Feel free to add your own.

* snow.  I mean, it's beautiful when it falls on cedars and everything but when you have had 3 days of upper 40s and your driveway totally melted, 3" of snow in 2 hours is just... discouraging.

* change.  Have I mentioned that I'm ready for some kind of stability here?  Things have been unsettled for so long that the kids don't even want to whine about it anymore.  They routinely stonewall our attempts to talk about moving.  Smart kids.

*  facebook.  I'm not sure what I think I'm going to see but these days it's mostly an update on everyone's sicknesses/their kids' sicknesses.  I include myself in this trend.  It would help if facebook had a separate posting area for sick updates, kind of like the separate waiting area at the pediatrician's office.  Boring posts about coughing/vomiting go here.  Funny stuff goes here.  Uninformed political rants, here.  Anything about American Idol can go here where it can be blocked with one simple click.
*diet coke with lime.  Does not compare to Diet Coke with an actual lime wedge.  I'm snowbound, though, so I'm officially a beggar and not a chooser.

*sunday dinner.  My husband's grandmother introduced me to their tradition of popcorn, cheese chunks, fruit and juice for Sunday dinner.  Although I do enjoy large chunks of meat/bowls of pasta from time to time, it's nice to be verrrrrrry laaaaaazy sometimes.  When I feel ambitious I might make some spinach dip or something.

* kale chips.  I know the blog has been freakishly kale-centric of late (my sil keeps me well-stocked).  Kale chips are the kind of thing that health articles tell you to eat instead of Doritos.  ("Craving something crunchy?  Try this easy recipe! ") Health writers of the world, kale chips are not Doritos, no matter how much ranch dressing mix you dump on top.


Meredith said...

I love this post! I agree that Sunday dinners are overrated. Today we decided to skip dinner (since I didn't want to make any) and had milkshakes and popcorn instead. Best dinner ever!

pianogal said...

I agree with your Sunday dinner thing, especially today, because - well - I'm afraid the explanation would turn into something akin to a boring FB post (ha ha), so I'll leave it out. Wish we had eaten spinach dip (or milkshakes!) instead.

Patty O. said...

I'm with you on FB and Sunday dinners. I try to plan to have enough leftovers to tide us over on Sunday. And we make lots of pancakes for the kids. Or cereal. As for FB, I took a couple days off and it was great. Now I've gotten sucked in again, unfortunately.