Wednesday, February 23, 2011

cool things to distract me from Major Life Changes on the Horizon

I'm not as oddly peaceful today as I have been of late.  The reality of moving again is seeping in at the seams a bit. The thought of the many, many details and days of hard work and time apart from my dh can be downright paralyzing.   Add to that a tremendously huge decision we have to make about where to move (we are extremely fortunate to have two offers).  Sometimes a girl just needs to give her brain a break and fill it with items more interesting and/or relaxing than moving quotes and carpet remnant stores:

I love love love this new album by my all-time favorite band, The Innocence Mission.  You can listen a little at that link.  It's exquisite, uplifting, and comforting.

If I were as talented as Amy Karol I would make my own plaid coat like she did.  I can't imagine making a coat!  At this point I can't imagine making anything as the tension on my machine has gone haywire, but still.

I have spent a fair amount of time dealing with snow this week.  Snow on the order of 10" or so.  How long does it take to shovel a driveway full of snow, you ask? (2 hours, not counting the time spent digging two different teenager's cars out of the huge pile of slush left by the snowplow on our corner.   My hands were freezing and the task seemed insurmountable but the shoveling itself--the repetition, the unbroken sea of white--was sort of relaxing, much like tending a Zen garden probably is.  The absence of demanding children may have helped there.

Seth Stevenson's take on Disneyworld is very very funny.

... and that's about it.



Angie and Mike said...

I really look forward to reading your posts and can't wait to hear where your new adventure will take you. I hope somewhere warmer! :)

I can't even imagine you out there shoveling snow. I'm impressed with how well you've dealt with ALL of that snow. I might have given up already.

Keeping you guys in our prayers and hoping for a smooth transition for you and the boys.

pianogal said...

I say (to your brain) take all the time you need. I admire that you are trying to find ways to occupy your mind to help ease the stress. So now I have to ask where the job offers are.