Saturday, January 29, 2011

the worst librarian in the world

So it has been months--months!--since I've been to the library to troll for new reading material.  I owe them $35.00 and, partly out of laziness and partly out of a desire to spend that money on nice groceries (hummus, havarti, avocados) I have not stopped by to pay the fine.  They sent out a sort of half-hearted "hey, you owe us money, chump" email a few months ago and then gave up.  (I should mention here that our library is slated to close in July. Yes, I am a horrible person for witholding my $35.00.  And, yes, I used to be a public librarian myself.  Prepare a noose.)

Anyway, moving beyond my irresponsibility and on to the delirium tremors.  My frequent-flier mile funded magazine subscriptions are up for renewal.  I'm not sure if I can renew them with miles (haven't bothered to find out--see above-referenced laziness).  Although not always applicable to my current situation (Architectural Digest and Conde Nast Traveler, anyone?), I did enjoy the occasional pointless peek into the lives of the tanned and well-traveled.

At any rate, I am fresh out of things to read.  Just finished both John Grisham novels poached from my mom.  (John Grisham!  Anyone who knows me will see this as a clear cry for help).  Have read and re-read all of the books on my shelf except for some boring stuff from a Western Civilization class and The Year of Magical Thinking, which I consider a beach book because reading it in any other context makes one want to curl up and sob.

Now that I am employed, sort of, I think I'm ready to swallow my pride and pay up.  So what should I read?  I have a tiny list going:

*  At Home, by Bill Bryson
* The Mind's Eye, by Oliver Sacks
* Faithful Place, by Tana French

Any other suggestions? Preferably something great but not terribly new so I don't have to wait for my turn in the dreaded hold-shelf line.


Patty O. said...

I got hooked up with this book award job (very little pay and totally short term) where I have to read about 20 books and pick the top three and review them, etc. Anyway, this job has made me actually cringe at the thought of reading anything, as most of the books are incredibly bad. One book even used an emoticon in the text, and not as part of an email transcript, either.

So, I decided to take a break from all this doggerel and read my book club's selection: Farenheit 451, which I had never read before. It's really good and short and old so you should have no trouble with a waiting list. Otherwise, I recommend an Oscar Wilde play, mostly because right about now, I could really use a funny, amusing, smart read.

Tiffany said...

I love Elizabeth Berg...and for awhile going to the libary with my little monster was kind of a nightmare, so I found her by accident one day when I quickly grabbed something off a shelf. But I think she writes people very, very well. I've read most of her books and love them all...I'll try to think of a couple favorites and give you more specific titles.

Marcia said...

I just read some Nora Ephron. Very funny! light reading. Also The Help -- excellent! And I enjoyed The Hunger Games triology. Catherine and Anne just read a good book they want me to read -- Out of My Mind. But it's a "Troybery" book so you won't be able to get it for a while because 100,000 middle schoolers are trying to read it before March.

Queen Scarlett said...

The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. Read it and fall in love with dusty, forgotten books in the cemetery of lost books.

Jamie said...

Here is my last 3
Year of Wonders -- OK, but good to read
The whistling season -- LOVED, LOVED, LOVED
The Red Tent -- can't decide how i feel about it but very good to read