Thursday, January 20, 2011

things I am sick of, in no particular order

* cold extremities
* generic Diet Coke
* getting punched by two year olds, even if they are cute two year olds
*worrying about money
*corollary to the above:  worrying about dh finding a new job
* people who tailgate on icy roads
*hearing about people with the name "Kardashian" (who are these people? why are they famous?)
*the same authors being interviewed on npr, just on different shows


Lindsay said...

My least favorite part of NPR? The stories about obscure musicians from either the 1920s or Argentina. I confess that I just don't care.

pianogal said...

Your lists are very entertaining, although I'm sorry to hear that your dh is looking for a new job. What's going on? And is he looking in Texas, ha ha?

Patty O. said...

Wow, it's like you just wrote an entire list of the things I'm sick of. Tommy hits me a lot and I have absolutely no idea who these Kardashians are. I'm assuming they're heiresses like the Hiltons, but I can't be sure. And googling them seems like I am somehow giving in to the hype.

I hope Evan finds a really good job!