Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm a 5 year old

I'm on the wrong side of 35, two kids in school, some gray hairs sprouting and yet...

*I had peppermint patties for breakfast.
*A whole big bunch of friends of ours made plans and didn't invite us and I'm a little bit hurt by that.
*I watched "Arthur" on PBS yesterday. (Arthur the animated aardvark, not Arthur the charming 1980s drunk, although those Arthur movies were a staple for our family when I was young. Also "What's Up Doc?")
*I've been eating Cinnamon Life cereal out of my hand as a snack in a probably vain attempt to fit into the dress I bought on clearance for my sister's wedding. I had to buy a size that just might be a little tight to get the color I wanted. So it's cereal, kale, and coke zero from now until May. Oh, and peppermint patties.
* My son had to remind me to "pull the plug, Mom, NOT the cord" when I was unplugging the toaster the other day.
*I'm sick of certain responsibilities and thinking of doing something drastic to my hair to show my wild rebellion.


prism said...

I sure miss you.

Lindsay said...

what are you going to do to your hair?

I got mad at my friend because she didn't invite me to an event that I didn't even want to attend.

The event? Her husband participating in a chicken wing eating contest.

And I highly recommend eating Fiber One bars as fiberriffic snacks.

beckbot said...

Lindsay, that's the funny part. I probably couldn't have gone but feel this need to be invited anyway.
As for the hair, I'm thinking one long rebellious anti-establishment blonde streak. Too racy?

Meredith said...

I actually watch "Arthur" (the aardvark) quite often. Matt makes fun of me because I am usually watching it by myself, and sometimes after the kids are asleep. Pathetic, I know, but what can I say, he is one funny aardvark!! Logan's middle name is Arthur and for a while he thought I had named him after the show (in case you are wondering, I didn't). :)

chiemama said...

I tried to submit a resignation as a mom today - didn't want to do dishes, laundry, or answering to "Mama!" every 2 seconds. But, it was declined. Sometimes being a 5 year-old is a good thing, I think. I was acting more like a 2-year-old today along with my daughter whining, and it didn't go well. Maybe I'll try some chocolate cookie for breakfast tomorrow...

Lindsay said...

I think one long streak would be quite fashionable. and you could dye it green for st. pattys! (PS I hate when people call it St. Pattys)

Also, I love Arthur. It is a hilarious cartoon! My favorite character is DW.

Patty O. said...

I must be five, too. I had a big old piece of Texas sheet cake for breakfast the other day... And I get hurt by not being invited to stuff like that, too. I have even been known to get hurt by not being invited by an acquaintance I didn't even like. This is probably why I should resume therapy.

Oh, and the other day, I cried while watching "Finding Nemo" with Charlotte in the hospital.

I like the hair idea. I am so in the mood to do something drastic to my hair too, especially something with some color. I am so sick of feeling drab and frumpy.