Monday, February 16, 2009

why worry later, when you can worry now?

Change has never been a friend to me, even positive change. I know something will change significantly for our family in the near future and rather than wait for the actual event, my body has decided to react to it preemptively, embracing it with a multi-pronged approach: migraines, eye twitch, diarrhea, insomnia, heart palpitations, panic attacks. Yes, we really roll out the red carpet for anticipated crisis around here. When everyone's home I am usually distracted enough to keep these symptoms at bay. But during the day a regimen is required. Happy music is a must. Sondre Lerche is today's favorite (he did the soundtrack to Dan in Real Life, a movie I love.) Also The Shins. Rosie Thomas is off-limits and Red House Painters. Chocolate features prominently (thanks, post-valentine's day clearance!). And, weirdly, I find mopping therapeutic. Seth Stevenson is writing for Ad Report Card again at, which always makes me happy. And I've got a head of kale in fridge. So I should just calm down already.


pianogal said...

I love how you turn to music when you're stressed. I should, but chocolate usually calls first. I love the soundtrack to that movie, too. It reminds me of Jack Johnson, who is also good to listen to in the midst of a crisis.

Patty O. said...

I have the same worrying philosophy. I wish I were more like Bil whose philosophy is "Don't worry til it happens," but I just can't get to that point. Glad that you have some things to keep your outlook cheery. I like that you are proactive about keeping your anxiety in check. I need to do the same instead of wallowing in worry.