Friday, October 02, 2009

axioms for today

*Badminton is the greatest game ever, capable of keeping children busy and physically active for at least 30 minutes. It can be played in wet leaves and it doesn't matter if the shuttlecock goes over the fence, as shuttlecocks are only 35 cents. It is the reason I can write a blog post at 5 pm.

*A person should not listen to sad Death Cab for Cutie songs (redundant, I know) on a rainy, cold day. It will only make a person sad about weather and unplanned moves and other inevitables.

*Do not plan to make complicated Chinese stir-fry dishes after a long day of doctor appointments, school events, and wandering around (on foot) in an unfamiliar part of town. Have a supply of Hot Pockets (or some kind of pockets) on hand for a day like this.

*52 degrees is too cold for the beginning of October.

*Glitter will someday fill the earth. The exotic names Martha Stewart (or some underpaid English major on her staff) assigns to these colors will supplant the names for colors we currently use. Ian Frazier has identified it as a societal problem (an abstract of his article can be found here); the holidays are a truly trying time for glitter-phobes like me.

* Sometimes bing is superior to google. After 4 attempts to find the above-referenced glitter article on google, I found it with one try on bing. I'm still not sure what "bing" is supposed to mean, though.


Patty O. said...

Bil says glitter is the herpes of the craft world. It is impossible to get rid of once you are exposed to it and it spreads with amazing ease no matter how fastidious your attempts at ridding your home of it.

One time, Danny brought home a project from school that had glitter on it and somehow some of the glitter got on Tommy's forehead. It was there for over a week. Every time I thought I got it off him, it reappeared.

pianogal said...

I happen to like glitter, but I agree with Patty about the herpes comment. There is no getting rid of it. Miss Bee went to a b-day party at a horribly girly-schmirly place called Sweet and Sassy. They fix the girls' hair, do their nails, play dress-up and dance on a models' runway, all in a huge cloud of glitter spray. We came home covered in glitter and it took me a week to get it out of her hair.