Friday, May 15, 2009

8 more days

8 more days in Texas, then we're off to the Great White North. Since I'm not letting myself think about the sad aspect of this change (or any aspect, truth be told, I'm just packing and occasionally getting online, watching Frasier and going to bed), I'd like to thank the following sponsors who have helped us get this far:

*every fantastic person from our neighborhood and church who came to pack, paint, and keep me company

*my family, for their supportive texts, phone calls, packages,

* the good people who produce these items which make up the bulk of my diet:

*patient friends who read this blog even though it is really self-absorbed as of late


Patty O. said...

Oooh, mini eclairs. Yum!

Wow, I can't believe how quickly your move is coming. Maybe it doesn't feel too quick to you, though, after weeks of single parenthood. I hope the move goes well and you all transition quickly and painlessly to the midwest. Personally, I don't do too well with change, especially moves, so I will pray for you guys that you are more flexible than I am.

I can't wait to meet you somewhere this summer. Oh, and how was Lindsay's wedding?

prism said...

Any chance you'll be driving through Louisville? We'd love to have you.

BTW - I read your blog so I can at least *feel* like I'm part of your life. So, I, for one, am glad it's about *your* life.