Tuesday, September 09, 2008

what we did after school

Today I decided I would try to be more fun, a Fun Mommy. So after school we had cookies and milk for our snack before sitting down to do homework and then chores. Super Q was supposed to trace some words, so I got him all set up using the window as a light box and taped his homework up there (isn't that creative and fun?). He had to sit on the top of a chair to reach. He promptly had about 14 fits about being tired/bored/"frust-a-rated". Flash was up and down from the table, overflowing with energy after a long bus ride. Fun Mommy was promising bike riding and roasting hotdogs over the grill if homework and chores could just GET DONE! While Fun Mommy was looking in the garage for hotdog skewers, Fun Mommy heard a sickening sound which sounded like a large glass bowl breaking. Unfortunately, it wasn't a glass bowl but a window. Super Q had finished his homework but the chair he was sitting on was still in front of the window. It is physically impossible for Flash to walk past a chair without doing some sort of snowboarding trick on it. This particular trick caused the chair to tip back and smash the window. Luckily nobody got cut. We talked calmly about how we were each 50% responsible for the window, me for moving the chair there, Flash for getting up from his homework and doing the snowboarding trick. At this point, though, scouts started in 40 minutes, dinner wasn't made, and Fun Mommy had tons of glass to clean up and a window to cover with plastic. Needless to say, Fun Mommy departed and made no further appearances tonight. Now Incredibly Annoyed Daddy is trying to fix the window in the other room.


prism said...

It sounds like you've joined my mothers-of-glass-breaking-children club...haha: Window pane in the door, glass kitchen table (we don't do glass tables any more), at least one large picture frame.. and more! (Isn't it a great club?)

Oh well, life with little boys, I guess.

Kristi said...

Yikes- I am so glad no one was hurt! We've had 2 broken windows at our house- the first when the boys shared a room and the second when I was trying to kill a fruit fly.

Patty O. said...

What a pain! The worst part is when after deciding to be Fun Mommy, it all comes crashing down on you, almost as if the universe is laughing at your attempts. This happens here all the time in one form or another.