Wednesday, September 17, 2008

hurricane vacation

Today Super Q was asking if summer is over, a question that is always tricky to answer in Houston, because although summer vacation is over, the weather stays summery until after Halloween. And now we have a whole week off of school and unseasonably cool weather. I told him, "Well, summer vacation is over but it's still kind of hot. So we had school for awhile, and now we have hurricane vacation." That seemed to satisfy him. The weather has been amazing; truly a blessing for those still without power. 60 degrees at night! Unheard of in September, but literally a lifesaver for many people here.

We've been spending lots of time at the park and riding bikes "out front." I know we'll have to make up this time in the summer, but it has been so nice to be outside, burning some energy and chatting with friends. I'm also enjoying some at-home time to clean out closets and do some deep cleaning. (I don't want to drive anywhere and use gas. dh has a 20 mile commute and neither of us want to wait in line for 2 hours to fill up the tank.) I wish I could drive in and help in a meaningful way at a shelter or a distribution station, but I've got 2 kids (and 3 of the neighbor's) to take care of, so that will have to be my contribution for now.


prism said...

I know. Sometimes, we think that we need or want to do something big to contribute, but the little things count just as much as the big things - sometimes more.

We've got many people without power, too, due to Ike. We didn't lose power, though, so friends from the ward have come over to do laundry, charge batteries, etc.

Ike, Ike.

Patty O. said...

I agree with prism on that one. So often I wish I could do something BIG with my life, something meaningful to help in all the troubles, but caring for children is meaningful.

On that note, are you still caring for your friend's kids all day and night like before? That's a huge sacrifice!

Lindsay said...

i'm so glad you blogged. i don't want to call all the time just to say, "so NOW how are you doing?"

glad to hear the weather is nice so the week off school can be spent outside.

I really appreciate your thoughtful writing. My blogs are often more facetious or angry. it's nice to stop and think a little more deeply sometimes.

love ya R