Tuesday, June 03, 2008

something fishy... er, chickeny

When I saw labels on Tyson chicken claiming "no antibiotics," I was skeptical. Turns out I'm not the only one; they've been ordered to remove that claim from their label and advertising. This whole antibiotics/hormones thing freaks me out from time to time. I've been trying to cook with less meat, as the Chinese do. Rarely does a Chinese cook prepare a big slab of meat, unless it's a whole fish. I try to limit the amount of meat I use in a meal to 2 chicken breasts (or equivalent) and then fill the rest out with veggies and grains. No complaints so far, even from my Michigander dh who literally grew up on steak and potatoes every night.


prism said...

I hear you. I don't cook that many meals with meat either. We eat a lot of potatoes and rice and beans. And, thankfully, my kids eat and like vegetables. They love salad! I didn't grow up that way, I had to learn to eat vegetables - so I'm glad they like them.

Fish is scary too, because of all the mercury. I suppose after all we can do, we just need to be sure to pray over our food. :-)

Patty O. said...

We have been trying to do the same. Bil used to be a vegetarian (though not always the most healthy vegetarian--subsisting sometimes on french fries) so he is pretty amenable, especially considering how expensive meat and chicken is.

I just pulled out a package of Tyson's "no antibiotic" etc. chicken. How naive I am--I totally fell for their claims. Thanks for passing on the information. And if you ever have any good meatless recipes, please share!!

Queen Scarlett said...


My hubby grew up on boring steak and potatoes... boring I tell ya.

I never liked touching meat to begin with so he learned to eat meat the way I was raised... small quantities...