Friday, February 23, 2007

Workin for the Weekend

Here's something funny... you know that Loverboy song, "Everybody's Workin' for the Weekend"? Believe it or not, stay at home drones are also workin' for the weekend. There's something about Saturday that is just a relief to me. No one has to be fed and out the door at 8:00; we can wear pajamas until noon if we want.

That said, tomorrow is Buy the Materials to Make Bunkbeds Day. We have a grand plan to save tons of money by building bunkbeds for the boys. They will look nothing like the image above. I really hope they work out... If not, we might be having a Sell Random Pieces of Wood Day.


Kristi said...

What an ambitious project! I hope it goes well for you guys! I think we looked at some similar plans when our boys were younger. Then we realized we couldn't handle the assembly of an entertainment center kit, much less major furniture making.

beckbot said...

Yeah, the funny thing is that I always always always put together the Ikea stuff we buy (not my dh)even though he is a structural engineer. On this one, though, I'm willing to trust his judgment. It's going to be one STURDY set of bunkbeds, and might include some kind of secret trap door if we can get it to work.