Monday, April 01, 2013

Walmart: a complicated relationship

The Saturday before Easter I found myself once again in The Crappiest Place on Earth determined to "make it quick" and come home with my soul intact. All three (3! still get a thrill when I say it) kids were with me so it was of course 2 hours to buy 15 items. We spent many dozens of minutes looking for the elusive Tech Deck Trick Bike and still more time looking for a salesperson. No matter, at least we had this carefully curated selection of mini license plates to cheer us (we celebrated this find with a punctuation lesson).

And who doesn't love a pair of googly eyes on a toddler?

I loathe Walmart and yet find myself there at least once a month. Target is 20 minutes away. Walmart has such good prices on diapers. Sometimes I need pillows and raspberries in the same shopping trip. These are the reasons I tell myself for shopping there. The guilt and shame remain, however. The guilt and shame remain.

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Tiffany said...

Walmart is five minutes away from us, and right on my way home from school. Sometimes I stop there thinking I can run in and out in 10 minutes. Nope. Never happens. I end up wandering around in a stupor, losing at least an hour of my life and a big chunk of my soul. And I can never quite figure out how the super-cheap things I just bought cost so much money. I also always vow to never return - never! And yet, I do.