Thursday, July 21, 2011

the neighbors

Can I just take a moment and be petty? Thanks.

Our neighbors.  They didn't make a great first impression.  The first day we were here I noticed that everyone in their house from the 13 year old on up is a chain smoker.  (The 6 and 4 year olds may as well be with all those smokers around.)

The man of the house introduced himself as "John Doe, nice to meet you.  Just moving the wife out myself today, to an apartment. So are you on your own here as well?" Er, no... husband's around here somewhere, thank goodness.

The smoking doesn't affect me much (except when it wafts over to my clothesline, leaving everything with a fresh spring Marlboro scent):  it's the TAWLKING!  At all hours!  Out on the back patio, which is approximately 3 feet away from our house (gotta love the suburbs). 6:00 am?  Yes, they're back there enjoying the morning air (the husband and the wife both--maybe the apartment thing didn't work out after all). 11:30 pm?  Well, perfect time to toss back some beers and laugh LOUDLY and not put the children to bed.
We are blessed to hear every detail of their conversations--I now know exactly which middle manager at John's workplace is a ****head, information which is delivered in the worst nasal intonation possible.
 The beautiful part of it is that their dogs have no bedtime and no time inside the house.  They are free to bark 24/7.

Now I've been petty on the internet.  I'll have to post a lovely craft next time to make up for it.


Denise said...

Well, I don't think you are petty. Smoking neighbors stink...literally. I guess I should be happy that mine just spies on me all day long and doesn't keep me awake. Maybe that is one of the problems with smoking, the HUGE amount of time that it take up. You really don't have good luck with neighbors, do you? I happen to know of two houses for sale right next to each other in MI... Go ahead, get packing.

Patty O. said...

Well, hey, nasal accents CAN be cool, you know? Just kidding. Your neighbors would absolutely make me insane. It just stinks when you have to live near someone so inconsiderate.

Are you guys renting or did you buy the house? I'm hoping you're renting and can move sometime soon!