Wednesday, February 24, 2010

plenty of clouds

We had several sunny days last week in a row. All the way home from church we basked in the sun (through the windows of course, it was still 32 degrees outside, people) and talked about how mild this winter has been and I'll admit a tiny part of me believed it was over. I half-expected 3 more sunny days this week and even a brief appearance of cute shoes worn without socks.

This week snapped me back to reality in the form of 8" of snow and a very gray forecast. The newscaster on our local NPR station is fond of using the phrase "plenty of clouds" to describe days like these. One day I will give that man a good punch in the nose. Plenty should be used to describe something wonderful like smoked salmon or songs by Iron & Wine. Incidentally it also describes the number of Hostess "Donettes" I have foolishly consumed today. It is the antonym to the quantity of sleep I got last night.

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PrincessDipti said...
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Patty O. said...

I agree. This post reminds me of a funny incident that happened when I taught ESL in Chicago. I had a student named Joel, who was probably 18. He inexplicably developed a crush on me and one day when I asked him to use the word "plenty" in a sentence, he said, "Teacher, I have plenty love for you."

I had to turn to the chalkboard so as not to laugh in his face. Once I had composed myself, I told him it was "plenty of love," not "plenty love." Still makes me smile to think of it.