Tuesday, July 21, 2009

upon this rock

Happy to report that our library has MANY more books on the 814.508 (essay) section of the shelf than our old library. I've been going through these books like mini-packets of peanut M&Ms and trying not to neglect the kids. With limited success. Anyway, I just read this fantastic GQ essay about a Christian rock concert by John Jeremiah Sullivan. It includes some hilarious passages about a rented RV. I was in a public park in an effort to give the aforementioned children some Wholesome Outdoor Play when I came across the RV part and laughed out loud like a crazy person. I think I might have guffawed at one point, too. Most essays about the evangelical movement and its surrounding culture are snarky, but this one makes up for the barbs with evenhanded sincerity. (I should mention there are one or two F words in there. Also the GQ site (where the article lives) is currently plastered with an unappetizing picture of Sasha Baron Cohen.)

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