Friday, June 19, 2009

what I miss about Texas

  • road signs that simply say "CHURCH". I always liked the idea that, should a spiritual emergency arise, I could easily find a church. It might have a slightly spooky preacher with really big teeth and a lot of advice on "How to Increase Your Money God's Way," but it will still be a church.
  • you can buy a flat of mangoes on the side of the road. Also rhinestone Obama T-shirts and an assortment of tacky rugs.
  • 75 different varieties of picante sauce in the grocery store, not to mention fresh tortillas made right in front of your wondering eyes.
  • left turns allowed ! (not so in much of Detroit)
  • hot summer days suitable for swimming almost every day.
  • SONIC drinks.
  • so many sweet friends. We really miss you guys!


B1L said...

Oooh, the tortillas sound awesome. On our town's website, Taco Bell is listed as an ethnic restaurant. Sigh.

It has to be hard to leave a place you have lived in for so long. I sure hope you meet some great friends in Michigan.

pianogal said...

We miss you too! (No roadside mango stands in N. TX, but I would miss them if we had them and then left!) I hope you find many things to love about Detroit.

Kellie said...

I miss your humor :) I think about you and your fam often and hope things are going well. Thank goodness for FB.