Friday, August 22, 2008

back to school projects

This is a reusable plastic pouch about the size of a Ziploc sandwich bag. The material is fused shopping bags (tutorial here). It's kind of hard to see the stitching, but I just zigzagged around it. Once I make it to the store to buy sew-on Velcro, it'll be good to go! I'm going to make 3 more and use them for baby carrots, grapes, goldfish, etc. for lunches. I'm enough of a cheapskate and a sometime environmentalist that it just kills me to think of the money I'm spending each month on silly plastic bags. I fully expect to turn into my Nana one day, washing waxed paper and foil and saving it in little piles under the sink.

These are for my newest nephew. I found the animal silhouettes here.

And last are the fruits of our annual back-to-school freezer paper T-shirt party. This year we used the church cultural hall instead of my living room to reduce the chances of fabric paint on the carpet and/or a stressed-out me. We accomplished one of those goals.


pianogal said...

It's so great to see that there are other uses for plastic bags. A friend has a tote bag made from plastic bags that were somehow joined end-to-end and then crocheted together. (The bag was white Kroger bags, the trim was Wal-mart blue, and the handles were some green bag from somewhere.) I wish I could come up with ideas like this! It's not easy bein' green....

Patty O. said...

Those are great. I am going to try the plastic bag idea. Even though I have reccently bought reusable grocery totes, I still have a surplus of plastic Wla-mart bags that I need to get rid of.

BTW, will you laugh at me if I tell you that I have already become your nana (and my grandma)? I totally wash my foil and plastic bags, because I hate using them only once, mostly because of the money factor. I even bought Danny a little sandwich box so I don't have to use bags for his sandwiches. I am so an old lady in a middle-aged lady's body. Sigh.