Tuesday, April 15, 2008

because you need more ways to waste time online

Ok, I am officially a 7-year old. Let me introduce you to a site that was first an "educational" place for my kids to have some computer time without coming across something scary. You make your own snowflake! And you don't make a mess! What could be better?
It soon became one of those irresistible kid activities, like Play-doh and sidewalk chalk where I get more into it than my kids and they have to beg me to stop. Don't forget to check out the gallery where you can see some amazing snowflakes most certainly crafted by adults who are shirking other duties.

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Patty O. said...

OK, so I just spent 20 minutes on this site and made two really cool snowflakes. At least I THOUGHT they were cool until I took a gander at the gallery. Shoot, mine look just like a little kid made them compared to those intricate masterpieces. That's ok, it was fun. And just what I needed: another way to while away my time....