Sunday, May 13, 2007

my kind of cooking

I found an article at (click here) which I love. Here's why: I have a friend who is an excellent cook, who grew up eating food prepared by excellent cooks (her parents), and she once imparted a bit of wisdom to me, which was, basically, you don't need a lot of crazy geegaws to make wonderful stuff. As a person who has collected a number of crazy kitchen geegaws over the years, I'm gearing up for a major kitchen cleanout. (The remnants of the late 90s candle craze were dumped over the weekend; the kitchen's next). This article gives me the freedom to not feel like a loser cook if I use a plate as a pot lid or a splatter screen as a colander.


Lindsay said...

I seriously think I could get by with a microwave and a grill. But so far I only have a microwave. And I have been using pie pans as lids on the stove for nearly a year.

Meredith said...

Your decluttering your kitchen, and I am adding frivolous kitchen items to mine. This past weekend I got another ladle, a 4 cup liquid measuring cup, a cast iron skillet, and a sifter so that I can sift powdered sugar onto bundt cakes when I make one once every two years! I have however, slowly started to get rid of some of my candles, but only the ones that are more than 10 years old!