Monday, April 02, 2007

Chairman Mao, here we come!

Well, it's official. We're taking a long-anticipated trip to China this summer. I'm hoping for some idyllic photo ops with Chinese children like Mao Zedong here. I don't think I'll have much luck with Mao himself, as his body has been lying in state at Tiananmen Square for something like 30 years (ick). Makes you wonder what they preserved him with. My bet is Diet Caffeine Free Coke. Ahhh, better living through chemicals.


Tony Carrillo said...

Sweet! I wish I was going. Unfortunately, as part of a peace agreement between China and the United States, I never can.

Kristi said...

How exciting, Rebecca! Are you taking the kids with you?

How are the bunkbeds coming along?

Queen Scarlett said...

Oh my ... WOW. CONGRATS... tell us all how it is... I have no problem admitting that you guys are way more chinese than I am ... ;-) China to me is roughing it. ;-) I think I'll live vicariously though you ... for China. ;-)

Have you ... you probably have - read Wild Swans? What'd you think? I loved it.

beckbot said...

We are not taking the kids with us; they are headed to their aunts/grandparents/various and sundry relatives up north. Maybe in 5 years we'll do a China/Japan trip with them.
I have read Wild Swans, it's a favorite. Right now I'm reading another book by Jung Chang called something like The Secret Life of Chairman Mao (yes, I have a sick fixation with crazy fat despots with terrible personal hygeine). Pretty good so far.